Ever wanted to throw away your Melways and navigate only by memory and heartache, history and nostalgia, lyricism and rhyme?

Melbourne Poetry Map lets you do just that.

MPM : AG is an online poetry collection which launches a new Melbourne story as told by some of its leading spoken word artists and poets. These are maps to another Melbourne – by people who live and write here, people who leave their stories and their hopes like invisible murals on bleak city walls.

With access to a computer and a portable music device, you can experience the city under the inspiration of some of its most passionate, perverse, political and poetic wordsmiths. This is poetry off the page and off the stage, yours to enjoy on a street or in a laneway or just travelling quietly in the Melbourne in your mind.

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two much love ain’t enough love

to satisfy us here at Melbourne Poetry Map.

So, quiet as little mice, we’ve just popped up two new walks from some of Melbourne’s finest performers. It’s Melbourne, but not like you know it. Just check them out here:

Down by the River: with Bronwyn Lovell, Joel McKerrow, Amy Bodossian and Omar Musa checking the long brown tongue that separates the city.

Melbourne Overload: with Betsy Turcot, Luka Lesson, Tariro Mavondo, Jessica Alice, Geoff Lemon and Alia Gabres testing if you got what it takes to take on the city.

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Nothing Rhymes with RRR

Ahoy, all ye lovers of poetry – do not look at the teeny gremlins that are appearing in this site as we gradually load up our two new walks!

Look instead at this ace new podcast from the folks at Triple RRR.Which, coincidentally features a little chat with Eleanor Jackson regarding this very map.

For though nothing may rhyme with RRR, Eliza Hull knows that “poetry is not just the spoken or the written, it can feature numbers and graphs, photography and even poetry maps!” Also featured is photographer Tate Jerrems, Katie Keys uses the word of the day for a tiny poem, and Jessica Alice (also a soon to be poetry mapper!) our resident segment contributor discusses film and poetry and Pi O comes in to the studio to chat numbers and pictures.

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Points of Departure

And now at last we reach the day of the 2011 Launch of Melbourne Poetry Map: Audio Graffiti.
Bronwyn Lovell and Omar Musa visit the places where people and things leave the city behind.
Emerging spoken word performer Bronwyn Lovell leads us to the ferry stop by Coathanger Bridge, while rapper poet Omar Musa takes us to the Yarra River as it flows out of Melbourne to meet the sea.

See you tonight, 6.30pm!

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The small places

With only three days left until the 2011 Map is launched, we thought it best to warn you ahead of time that Alia Gabres and Jessica Alice will lead you through the city’s laneways and market stalls – this is the one instance where getting lost is compulsory.
Spoken word artist Alia Gabres trawls Victoria Market, her poetry re-creating the market as a living, breathing creature.
Emerging poet Jessica Alice will escort us through the heart of Chinatown to Tattersalls Lane, an alley cluttered with cheap restaurants, street art and even an outdoor bar.
Remember to RSVP to our Facebook invitation – see you Thursday!

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Back to our roots

Now FIVE days left until the launch of Melbourne Poetry Map: Audio Graffiti 2011…
But let’s not rush things. For this year’s Map, Betsy Turcot and Geoff Lemon have visited some of the oldest – yet most bustling – buildings in the city.
Brisbane-based slam artist Betsy Turcot touches on at the iconic Flinders Street Station, joining the crowds as they run for their trains.
Multi-talented Geoff Lemon (now co-editor of Going Down Swinging) trawls for words alongside the archaic State Library.
Look out for the Launch invite on our Facebook page – hope to see you there!

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Melbournian Cuisine

Less than a week until the 2011 Melbourne Poetry Map launch! Who else is starting to get hungry for those words? Speaking of hunger… Tariro Mavondo and Luka Lesson will give us (literally!) a taste of the city.
Be prepared to follow multi-talented performer Tariro Mavondo to Crossways, the non-profit vegetarian restaurant nestled away high above Swanston Street.
Weave through the crowds of Degraves Street with Luka Lesson, winner of the 2010 Overload Poetry SLAM final. Smell the coffee beans, hear the crepes sizzling, watch the tables fill and re-fill.
Six days to go!

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Let’s talk about THAT bridge…

With just over a week to go until this year’s launch, here at Melbourne Poetry Map we’re very excited to hear what each writer has to say about our city!

Joel McKerrow and Amy Bodossian will be bringing us words from the Swanston Street Princess Bridge. Joel McKerrow, activist and runner-up of last year’s Overload Slam Final, will lead us beneath the bridge and along the river. Award-winning writer and spoken word performer Amy Bodossian will escort us up and over the water.

Attend the launch next Thursday 15th September, and find out if our poets’ experiences of the Princess Bridge match yours…

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Checking our makeup!

So – we have only a little over a week til our new walks launch – so forgive us while we freshen our face… Be patient and we’ll be back better and brighter!

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nobody gets there alone

As the excitement builds for this year’s launch of TWO NEW WALKS, it’s nice to remember some of the amazing poets who were a part of the map last year.

Check out this great collaboration between Randall Stephens and Alex Scott (our video editor for the launches) which recently took out the prize for the Queensland Poetry Festival film competition!



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Here at Melbourne Poetry Map, excitement is building for the launch of this year’s map! Here are 2011′s featured artists:
Alia Gabres, Amy Bodossian, Betsy Turcot, Bronwyn Lovell, Geoff Girafferey Lemon, Jessica Alice, Joel McKerrow, Luka Lesson, Omar Musa, and Tariro Mavondo.
The map will be launched 6.30pm Thursday 15th September at Loop Bar, as part of Overload Poetry Festival’s delicious menu. For more Overload events, visit: www.overloadpoetry.org
We hope to see you at our FREE launch!

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